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About Difano

Designed in Italy, our developments are known for innovative thinking, inspiring designs with exceptional taste of sophistication and luxury. Difano showcases the best in combining functionality with beauty. Our products are recognized as being worldwide trendsetters and leaders in styles. More imagination, more culture, and more creative ideas. 

Design Bicycle Storage Solution

The patent protected Bicycle Carrier shows functionality and handcrafted beauty.  It has been manufactured from top quality materials such as hardened and stainless steel, covered in a deep black finish. Its unusual design shapes makes smart storing up to 2 bicycles possible. Saving space in your hallway, garage or penthouse. Being fully adjustable it fits all bicycles, merging style in every room.

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Beautiful Design

Stunning shaped steel carrier covered in a deep black finish

Smart Functional

Fully adjustable without tools, easy storage of any bike Dimensions 200 x 76 x 52 cm,up to 40Kg


Being hand crafted this storage solution is a statement piece

379,94 €